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The boys in action!

First is Kaya, and then Evren scoots from under....


I am enjoying using this site again. It's all because of my new app ( Day one). I like how I can build on each picture through out the day when I want, and wherever. It's in my pocket and not on a laptop. I love it. As long as it stays simple and easy, it should be good.

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Day one

cool new app for me!

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Funny insights

Yesterday Kaya and I were doing his reading lessons. He has moved into Level 2 of "All About Reading", and he is doing pretty well. Yesterday was a great reading day, and he was surprising me at every moment.
So, we get to this section called phrases. It is pretty straight forward.  There are about 8 or so phrases like, pink gum, go west, ten wishes.
Just random things.
 Every once in a while he would read the phrase and get a totally confused look on his face.
So I would be like, "what? What did you just read?"
And Kaya would say something like, "What the hell is that?"
So I would say, "read it again."
He would do it again, extra slowly, "tan handbag" and then I would get the look, " WHAT is a tan HAND bag?"
 So I said," Umm, what do you think it is?"
He was like, a "bag that you stick tan hands in?"
 It was so hilarious that we laughed and laughed. Me, because now I totally get why his comprehension is so dead off. I mean I can have him read a short little story, and then ask him what it was about, and I get the most bizarre narrations. I guess it's just his funny dyslexic brain doing it's thing.
He laughed, because when I told him what a tan handbag was, he exploded in a fit of belly laughs.
So we go on, and he comes to "glass of milk"
Obvious, right?
 Heeeeellll, no!
He says, " what the heck is, "glass of milk?"
I say," it's a glass of milk, dude....."
He goes on to say that at first all he saw in his head was an opaque glass made from milk.
  Kind of like, creme de menthe, or something like that.
So funny.
Anyway, it explained a lot, and he was so darn cute.

That's all.

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What one man can do.

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I also LOVE Lori's words.

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I love Ken.