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The boys in action!

First is Kaya, and then Evren scoots from under....


I am enjoying using this site again. It's all because of my new app ( Day one). I like how I can build on each picture through out the day when I want, and wherever. It's in my pocket and not on a laptop. I love it. As long as it stays simple and easy, it should be good.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day one

cool new app for me!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Funny insights

Yesterday Kaya and I were doing his reading lessons. He has moved into Level 2 of "All About Reading", and he is doing pretty well. Yesterday was a great reading day, and he was surprising me at every moment.
So, we get to this section called phrases. It is pretty straight forward.  There are about 8 or so phrases like, pink gum, go west, ten wishes.
Just random things.
 Every once in a while he would read the phrase and get a totally confused look on his face.
So I would be like, "what? What did you just read?"
And Kaya would say something like, "What the hell is that?"
So I would say, "read it again."
He would do it again, extra slowly, "tan handbag" and then I would get the look, " WHAT is a tan HAND bag?"
 So I said," Umm, what do you think it is?"
He was like, a "bag that you stick tan hands in?"
 It was so hilarious that we laughed and laughed. Me, because now I totally get why his comprehension is so dead off. I mean I can have him read a short little story, and then ask him what it was about, and I get the most bizarre narrations. I guess it's just his funny dyslexic brain doing it's thing.
He laughed, because when I told him what a tan handbag was, he exploded in a fit of belly laughs.
So we go on, and he comes to "glass of milk"
Obvious, right?
 Heeeeellll, no!
He says, " what the heck is, "glass of milk?"
I say," it's a glass of milk, dude....."
He goes on to say that at first all he saw in his head was an opaque glass made from milk.
  Kind of like, creme de menthe, or something like that.
So funny.
Anyway, it explained a lot, and he was so darn cute.

That's all.

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What one man can do.

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I also LOVE Lori's words.

Camp Creek Blog

click me!

I love Ken.

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Do what you love,

love what you do!

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I am thinking of either podcasting or making a vlog. Podcasting seems less scary. Making a video of me and putting myself out there is kinda kooky, but maybe I would like it?  I don't know, just thinking of trying something new. It could be really kind of awesome. I firmly believe that video and or podcasting is pretty great. I myself listen to a few podcasts quite often, and I love youtube videos.
However, although Blogger has been good to me, they don't allow audio files with out crazy installations of various sorts, and they are a little behind in terms of uploading smooth video that does not take forever, so I would definitely cross post over to a wordpress site.
We'll see.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's going to be ok...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lego NXT robotics, and game making!

Feeling like posting a "real" blog post today.
But a lazy one.
Kaya has been all about video games and electronics forever.

He started building platform games with but quickly outgrew that. Then we discovered a game programing online class that was much more serious and uses multimedia fusion. This is a game design software that many professional game makers use today. We use game design level 1 by Youth Digital to take the class. Because of Kaya's severe Dyslexia, I have to sit right next to him to complete the modules because there is a lot of reading. So for us it's a little slow going. But we love it! And he is actually building a game from the bottom up. If you have kids that are into gaming,  I can not recommend it highly enough. It has so many great program choices, and we are excited to work through them all. They are also located in North Carolina and offer a summer camp. One summer in the next two years, I would love to road trip there and let the boys enroll and really be immersed.
Also, we bought two lego NXT robotics kits, and rallied some talent within our homeschool community network, and have begun building and programming them.

 It is all kinds of awesome, and I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to program with the assistance of experts who are passionate about teaching the kids to program.

 It makes all the difference. It brings an excitement to something that tends to be seen as complicated.  Again, so awesome.
Read more here, so I don't have to write what's already been written.
I am not lazy.
Just super efficient.

Science as an interesting story?

YES! And he has a youtube channel!

Friday, March 8, 2013

A really good one to watch.

This was a fantastic Ted Talk. I could not stop thinking about how awesome this lady's parents are!

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Future Foreign Language

and it's universal!

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Minecraft documentary

I was thrilled to stumble across this really great documentary about the humble beginnings of minecraft.
It can be found over here,
It costs 8.00 and can be streamed easily to most devices. There is even a channel for it in the roku channel store! The boys like to watch it, so I will download it to their iPads. Just thought I would share the goodness.

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And THIS is why I stay the course:

I found this video, and a whole slew of other things things that I will be immersing myself in today here at Interest Led Learnings, top 50 list 2012.
Have fun!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

right now.

I have not felt the pull to write anything here.
At all.
 I feel no guilt about it. I am just doing stuff off line, and that is a really great thing. I still don't know what this space will evolve into, but I do know it must change or die.
I instagram when I want.
I FB when I want.
I tweet when I want.
I pinterest when I want.
I post here when I want.
I seem to be off my computer. I am doing more stuff with my kids.
Their stuff.
Even if my kids are on their computers, I am enjoying watching them. I used to let them do their stuff but we did not truly connect over it.
Sure they love it, but I did not experience that love.
But I am now.
When they say Mom, come and look at this house, or my crops, and I see how happy they are of this great thing that they have created. I am truly in awe of how complicated a set up my almost 8 and 10 year old have created. They are so happy that I am impressed.
I kind of get it now.
We hold hands, and they tell me all these crazy creeper and tobuskus ( sp?) stories. I now play Slender with them.
 I scream too, and they laugh with me.
It is awesome.
Marlin and I are connecting over the books that she is devouring. I mean in the sense that she is reading 426 pages in two days.
Hunger Games done.
 Harry Potter half way done.
 Divergent series probably tomorrow.
In a month!
A single month.
She loves pinterest, and instagram, and has taught me a trick or two..
It used to be different. They did their stuff, I did mine.
I didn't get it.
I missed out.
I used to pop in and out. Always thinking about this space, a draft, an idea, partly to preserve memories, partly to keep an audience. I had my little voice here to spout what I felt was my truth. Share my life. I just don't feel that drive anymore. I love my life, and my truth very much, but I want to covet it, savor it. I don't want to show and tell so much. I am not saying that is all that blogging is, at all. I know some passionate bloggers, and writing is an outlet really.
But it never was for me.
 I need a camera, not a keyboard. My energy here to put words to my pictures, is better used elsewhere in my life. I don't really need the words, the story is there in my pictures, shown more beautifully than I ever will be able to convey
I am becoming something else.
I want to focus on love.
On what makes my family happy.
On what makes me happy.
Maybe it's because I am approaching 40 or something, but I don't want to be the observer or documenter any more. I want to be the immersed, the participant. If I am here reliving my yesterdays,  I am not really in the right now.
I won't forget this. I have my snapshots.
I am loving the right now, right now.