Saturday, December 15, 2012

what if

I am sure everybody knows about the school shootings. I don't have much to say about it. I think about the children and their families, about their christmas gifts under the trees, about their confused siblings, about anger.
I am mostly angry about the how this happened. I am not one who wants to rewrite the constitution or wants to make guns illegal.
We own a gun, one gun, for hunting. It would not be much use in protection as the bullets leave the house everyday with my husband. Honestly, I believe dogs are your best bet if you are afraid of a home invasion or something. They bark and know there is a creeper about. How would an unloaded gun in the closet protect you if you awoke to someone in your house who already had a loaded gun?
If we have rules, big annoying rules in place for flying, or a basic intelligence that needed to be met to operate a motor vehicle, why don't we have harder rules for gun ownership? Why are calls not made to the physician and psychologist, why can't there be a certain number to be achieved on a IQ test?
I know the shooter in this case was brilliant ( reports coming out, not a fact) But he also had a personality disorder and possibly Asperger syndrome. The guns were his mothers, legally hers. If you have a person living in your house that is not completely normal, should the guns be removed if you choose to let a person like that reside with you? Why did she have so many guns, maybe a cap on two per household? Maybe a special permit for multiple owners, collectors?  And I understand the hand guns, but why do we allow semi automatic weapons, machine guns, AK-47's and other military styled weapons be on our streets?
I look at a bunch of other countries that have very strict gun control, and the numbers of shootings are nothing like ours.
We rank right up there with Africa, another country whose people are intent on slaughtering each other.
I am not saying that the right to bear arms should be removed. I am saying we simply should make it harder. I know there are other things involved here. But why is this happening here, why is it not occurring like this in other parts of the world? I know if people wanted to kill they could just get it illegally, blah blah blah. But why is this not happening elsewhere? I know there is always an excuse that people will just do this, or that, but that is just brushing aside and ignoring a problem. Remember when everyone was so pissed that our kids had to sit in carseats, and that we adults had to buckle up or be fined if caught?
How dare the Goverment tells us what to do, or impose such rules on us?
 It saved lives.
We do it naturally now.
  And Yes there was a shooting in Norway, a horrific shooting. But it was ONE. We are having it happen over and over and over.
School shootings?
 Instead of What? We say where?
I just think we could step it up. It's called control for a reason, and we are overly permissive and don't seem to have control.
It should be harder.
We need to discuss regulation.
We need to discuss education.
We need to discuss this.
How come we have to get our cough syrup by showing our license and can only buy one or two bottles behind the counter at a pharmacy, but people can stock up on Ammo? Why are no bells going off when they purchase 1000 rounds?
I know this won't stop all violence but it will cut it down because it will be a little harder, and some people that would have made the cut to have a deadly weapon will not have easy access.
If I was a Mama to one of these slaughtered babies, I would want people to make a change.
I would want it to be a little harder for you to gun down my child.
I just want it to be harder.


Earthetarian said...

well said Kim.

Shel said...

Preach it, sister! I couldn't agree more. (((hugs)))

julie said...

well said Kim - I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said!