Sunday, November 25, 2012

Who's shoes?

Ok, this has been bugging me for so long. I mean I think about it at least a couple of times a week. It is so utterly baffling to me, and bizarre. I don't know if anybody else notices this phenomenon? Maybe because I think about it so often, I am attracting more and more sightings? I am not really sure, but why are there so many damn shoes on the side of the roads? I mean I get the whole two shoes tied together over power lines thing, and the occasional random one, but I see them everywhere. On the highway, side streets, in the city... I mean do people intentionally toss them? Are people putting shoes on tops of their cars and driving away scattering shoes? Do people buy new shoes and toss their old shoes out of the windows? Is it something more insidious like alien abductions and they are sucked up so fast out of this galaxy that there shoes come off?
What the hell?
Anyway, when it was really bothering me, I thought to myself that I should start a road shoe blog. Because other people, I mean at least one other person must also be consumed by this mystery! But then I thought... lots of times when I see these shoes, I already am passing them. And many times because I am on the highway or cars are behind me, and most commonly, I am already running late- I just can't turn around. Sometimes it would be just plain dangerous.  So maybe sometimes, if I am like, on time, or not on a hairpin corner, or on a highway, I can just maybe snap a quick photo. I mean it is interesting. I am a beyond fascinated with the whole thing. It's like one of those crazy movies, really bad movies from the 70's when all through the movie you hear a hawk's cry, or a rattle snake's rattle, and somewhere in the movie it is revealed that this is the persons spirit guide or whatever?
Yeah like that... instead I get stinky odd shoes mocking me from the road side.


Homeschool said...

It would make a cool blog. I would follow it even though I can't recall ever seeing a shoe on the side of the road. I will look now though.

Jessica said...

You are too funny. I wonder about that too. I picture two kids fighting in the backseat and the bigger, stronger one just chucking their brother/sister's shoe out the window. Cause really, no parent is going to stop to get the shoe on the highway.....

Earthetarian said...

Holy sh*t. Were we talking about this the other day? I had this EXACT conversation. It's not just highways. I mean, there are shoes on wooded roads, in busy parts of towns and on every highway I've ever been on. I am baffled every time I see one. And they are all sizes. I mean, work boots to flip flops. With all of those shoes, don't you think people wondering where there other shoe is, and turning their house upsidedown and not finding it, is a common occurrence? It's just plain weird. I did once read of a woman who made a website to match lost mittens around the country. Catalogued them and everything.

Damn shoes.