Thursday, November 15, 2012

The view

Hmm, what to write, what to write...
I have not been feeling bloggy lately, not sure why. It seems it has left my system. Sometimes I just want to live and not record it. Just be like 98% of all the other people in the world. But then one day I know I will look back and wonder what we did, where it all went? So I will sit here until something taps it's way out of my fingers...
 Winter is a very inward season for me. My whole personality changes. I just want to be left alone, stay in my pj's, just ride it all out until spring makes it's glorious comeback.
I am not depressed.
I think I am hibernating.
Wintering over, going dormant.
I spend vast amounts of time sitting in the sun and gazing outward into the woods. I am not truly day dreaming though. I am looking forward and straightening out our path. I am not just one to free float and see where this life takes us. I want to point us in a good direction, where the beauty and opportunity lies.
This is harder than you think.
My kids are each free thinkers, each with their own path. Somehow I have to keep us all going in the same general direction. This is the true beauty of learning together at home.
It's a rambly jaunt.
One runs ahead with out looking back, one still holds my hand, and the other one drags his feet a little ways behind.
But yet we still move on together.
One kid has a very clear idea of who she is, and what she needs.
One boy is just at the cusp of figuring himself out.
And the last is intently watching the others and trying hard to do the same, just a baby.
My primary focus right now is them, I have to follow their lead. I can no longer pick them up and carry them to an easier path for me.
All I can say is hot damn.
The teenage years are going to be quite the hike.
But the view, it will be something else!


Rosemarie said...

You know, you sit and all of a sudden you have some wonderful words. It was a great post about where and who your family is. Keep writing!

Frogcreek said...

Thanks, Rose. I try!

Lisa said...

It is a journey keeping our unique family members moving forward. Binky is beginning to let go of my hand. And test my patience! Goose is finding freedom and loving it! It is an interesting time.

Homeschool said...

You have really terrific kids. They are growing so fast.
.... I feel winter is definitely coming. But it is going to be great and fun. Lots of ugly clothes, boy battles and everything dogs. Amazing what a difference a year makes.

Jessica said...

Blogging has seasons just like our life. The urge and need to write comes and goes. But as long as I have known you, whenever a topic comes up, like Greece, or Canada, or Savannah or Hawaii or always say, "oh it's on my blog". You have 10 years of family history chronicled in one place. Don't let go of that...just listen to what this season of your life is saying to you and follow.

Frogcreek said...

This is very true, Jess. It is just a passing season. I have no intensions of letting that go or stopping. Just want to change it up or do something different. you know, like sprucing up a room with a fresh coat!