Monday, October 22, 2012

Trying something!

Heart Rockin' Mama piqued my curiosity about how to share instagram photo's online so that those with out an account are free to be included. Turns out, there are so many sites and platforms.  I found one which I personally liked the look of. I want to see if I can use instagram as a bloggy-ish type thing.
I am doing so many repeats, I'd like to cut out the middle man.
 For instance, I am a rabid instagrammer, then I blog my instagram photos. I publish for my own personal collection a book of my instagram photos through Keepsy, and a separate book of relatively the same photos with their story, through Blurb of my blog.
What if I just write what I want to say in the captions of instagram? ( which I can do with voice recognition instead of typing easily on my phone... Woot!) and use this platform to share those photos that I was just going to put again here...
Make sense?
I dunno.
Let's try it for a little bit, shall we?
Here is the direct link to my photos. I will begin to write more on instagram to see if it works.

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