Friday, October 19, 2012

Sooo, a cat?

I am surprised it took me this long to get this boy on here. I suppose I should start from the very beginning:
 One night in August, the dogs made it loud and clear that they had something cornered in the garage. Addy went out to investigate. I soon heard him calling my name from the garage. I looked out the window and saw him holding a little gray ball up in the air. I was expecting raccoon but was seeing a kitten.
 IMG 4296
 News spread quick, and the kids were on my heels. It turns out this little guy was very friendly, very thirsty, and very hungry. We held it, fed and watered it. I scrounged up a low box and made a feeble litter pan, and stuck him in a dog crate with a cozy blanket. My plans were for it to go with Addy to the Vet office and he could try and find his owner. At the mere suggestion of this, out of nowhere, Evren burst into tears. Full on lip quivering.
No! WHHHHYYYY? I love this kitty.
So I explained that he probably had a home and….
Just picture a sobbing boy clutching a happy purring kitty. IMG 4532
Anyway, we would foster it, and if we found the owner we needed to return it. Yeah! He was so happy. But as days passed and no looking owner appeared, I called animal control. I was informed that a litter of gray kittens were dumped in the area and 5 were already found.
Sooo, we now live with a cat. IMG 5946
 A cute, funny, cuddly, well loved kitty. IMG 6521
Oh, and Ev named him Mystery.


Homeschool said...

So so cute! You have to post the potty video!!!

Shel said...

What a sweetie (Ev and the cat)! Mystery is the perfect name for a perfect Halloween cat! Welcome to your newest family member!