Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pictures that Scream.

I have a ton of pictures on my computer. All of them have messages or some kind of reminder. When I look at them my brain picks up the words within them.
 For these photos, the loud chant coming from them is all the same. IMG 6142
 Yes, the slow, and beautiful parade to wintertime is marching on.
 A friend's summer herbs hung to dry, IMG 5559
Waking up to chilly gray mornings, IMG 5651
Kids gather and explore on the tools of the season, IMG 5712
Watching our pumpkin grow and ripen before our eyes, IMG 5725 IMG 5948 IMG 6125
Finding huge grubs, fat off summer, in the logs we are splitting, IMG 5782
The inside activities begin again, IMG 5758
These beauties start making a come back in our seasonal diet, IMG 5756
and realizing how much we have missed them.
Playing up high in the hay bales with the barn kitty. IMG 5784
Finding myself out in the last golden rays, enjoying an October beer, or pumpkin ale. IMG 5931
I look forward to the changing of the ales as much as the leaves…
Seeing the largest,and strongest of the summer gems die with the season, IMG 5950
 and the nourishment they offer the yellow finches as they build up their strength to move on from these northern parts.
The part that is always so strange is watching the kids tans fade fast, and how weird it is to see them in layers, and long pants. IMG 5951
 They used to wake up in their underwear all summer long. I have to get used to early morning hugs that are fuzzy, and not just delicious warm skin.
Harvesting grapes, and making jelly that taste just like a jolly rancher. IMG 6021
Baking in an oven again! IMG 6049
Best part of fall and winter, I think…
The saving of corn kernels, to have chowder with friends. IMG 6050
The checking and worrying over bee's.
 Hoping they saved enough honey to make it through. IMG 6098
This is our third year, and every spring we need to buy new bee's. This is the farthest we have made it. I have a little hope.
The winter is long, and cruel.
The constant watching as the woods transform from lush to wide open. I will miss the vibrant forest, but I look forward to exploring it, once the threat of ticks fades. IMG 6120 IMG 6121IMG 6122 IMG 6150
It's so gorgeous this time of year. IMG 6144
I am trying to get out into it all.IMG 6165
Soak it all up! IMG 6166
Because slowly, IMG 6143
slowly but surely, it is going, going...


Lisa said...

A really beautiful post!!!

We have had a few days in the 80s and 90s this week and then yesterday afternoon the fog rolled in and filled the sky with grey. The temperature dropped 20 degrees in less than an hour.

Did he really eat that grub???

have a great weekend

mamak said...

No it was all for the picture!
Autumn is really great, just wished I could enjoy the winter more...
I hope you have a great weekend as well!

Shel said...

Great pictures, my friend! I think we're in for a gorgeous autumn and you have captured it's beginning perfectly!

Homeschool said...

I am about to dig into your delicious grape jelly.
I love the pics. You should google wichety grubs for Evren, an Aussie delicacy which he might like????!!

Jessica said...

Such beautiful pictures that capture the season perfectly. Its hard to take everything in and the weather changes so quickly sometimes!In some places down here we get witchery grubs...they were eaten by indigionous people, and your grub looks like one! Enjoy the rest of autumn:)

Earthetarian said...

This post reminds me of a Walt Whitman poem. Beautiful! So for the important question. Did E eat it????