Thursday, October 18, 2012

Into the woods with new eyes.

IMG 6402
Evren has been on a  mushroom and fungus kick.
He is so interested in them, as you can clearly see by this extra cute video…

Every time after it rains, he wants to venture into the woods and look for his beloved mushrooms. IMG 6189
It's been so great.
He seems to find so much be beauty and goodness along the way. IMG 6236 IMG 6342 IMG 6341 IMG 6344 IMG 6345 IMG 6340 IMG 6339 IMG 6338 IMG 6337 IMG 6335 IMG 6336 IMG 6334 IMG 6333 IMG 6235 IMG 6234
We are going on our first guided mushroom hike this Sunday with the Mycological society.
 I love that he is so fired up about it!


Lisa said...

How magical! I love the toad shot!!! You live in such a beautiful place!!

Homeschool said...

You can't imagine how happy I am that Evren is doing such a cool, fun project. He is so cute and I think it is an awesome thing that he is so excited about mushrooms.

Homeschool said...

And I love the toad too!