Friday, September 28, 2012


I love fall, for many reasons.
One of the big ones is finding Praying Mantises. IMG 5663
Truth be told, I love predators. I adore my Carnivorous Plants, and I love Praying Mantises.
 I love my Carnivorous Plants with a side of Mantis… IMG 5662
I love peace lilly's with a twist. IMG 5677
I love finding them on a bush, IMG 6091
 and offering up a moth-y snack. IMG 6092
 I love when crazy things happen, and a dragonfly sunbathes next to a mantis and I wait, and wait, for a
  IMG 6097
 AND nothing happens! IMG 6096
It's all so good.
 Go out today, and find your good!

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