Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I read this way, way, back in like 10th grade, and I loved it. Even though I probably only understood half of what happened. I think I probably understand about that much still. I mean it's complicated and long, and at points pretty boring. But the good parts, are GOOD. I briefed the kids on the tale, and they watched a BBC cartoon on it, and Jess read them a story during journaling class. IMG 5384
And then we went to an outdoor production put on by the Elm shakespeare company. We are loving the outdoor Shakespeare productions this year. Remember we saw Romeo and Juliet, in Stratford earlier in the summer?
So good.
 If you have outdoor Shakespeare in your community, GO!
 Anyway, we were on the lawn surrounded with food and friends, IMG 5475
There were witches, IMG 5476
insane women, murder, swords, IMG 5480
captivated children,
  IMG 5479
cool props, IMG 5478
When it was action, witches, and insane women it was great, IMG 5474
 but there were many deep valleys of boredom as well. IMG 5451
But it was Macbeth!
A story that has stayed with me from a brief high school exposure, and I was really glad that it popped up on our radar screen and that we went, and enjoyed an evening under a blue moon with friends, cheese and wine. IMG 5477

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