Monday, September 10, 2012

Hanging out

with friends.

Friends who are moving very soon.
 So we had to suck up a lot of goodness these past few weeks. IMG 5433 IMG 5434 IMG 5435 IMG 5441 IMG 5442 IMG 5443 IMG 5537 IMG 5538 IMG 5539 IMG 5540 IMG 5541 IMG 5542
And we did!
Although, somehow I don't have very many pics of them together…
 But really, we had these three cool adventures with them in the past two weeks!
We are sad that they are leaving, but know that they have many, many, cool adventures ahead of them. I know when a future road trip has us heading into VT, we'll catch up in person. Thank goodness I can "see" them via blogland.
 It isn't they same, but it's pretty good.
Enjoy your new state and have fun making a home there!


Rosemarie said...

Thanks Kim. We did have lots of fun the past few weeks. We are now in the middle of heavy packing but anytime you have a free moment and want to swing by one more time that would be great. We will miss you guys!

Lisa said...

Hanging out with friends is the best!!! It looks like you all a very memorable time! And roadtrips are always fun!