Thursday, September 13, 2012


Kaya had mentioned a few times that he really wanted to dissect a squid. So Addy came home with a surprise from the fish monger.
 One whole squid! IMG 5518
We looked up a squid anatomy online and they quickly got to work.
Eye of squid:
IMG 5512
Beak of squid:
IMG 5511
Intestinal tract of squid:
IMG 5515
Ink sac of squid:
IMG 5517
Squids are pretty neat.
Kaya very much likes dissecting things.
 I wonder what he will ask for next?


Discovering Montessori said...

This is really cool!! Thank you for sharing.

Shel said...

That face that Marlin is making? Yeah, that was me in Junior High and High School. Thankfully (for me) dissection was not something they could require us to do. I chose to wrote a report instead! :)

Earthetarian said...