Saturday, September 8, 2012


Kaya has always been a mover and a shaker. He has danced for as long as he has been stable on two feet. He just can not help moving to a good beat. He has been pondering dance lessons for a few years. He is a guy, so Ballet, Tap, and Jazz seemed kinda lame to him. He wanted hip hop, or breakdance. He first started teaching himself a few moves via youtube, and he coined a few of his own. He has always been entertaining us with his crazy body. He has rhythm, and most importantly, it makes him happy. It comes so naturally to him. Our paths have crossed with Cath, at wholeschoolers. Her son is a dancer as well, and my boys were invited to join in on a dance class to see how they liked it. IMG 4835
Well, they loved it, even Ev.
 He likes most things that his big brother does. They are best friends, so anything Kaya likes must be cool. It was awesome to see those boys doing their thing and liking it so much. They even choreographed their moves to a song.

It was awesome to watch them sweat and practice until they got it how they wanted. Since we are going to be an hour away in this town every week for HHP on Tuesdays, it just made sense to sign them up for the breakdance class while we were there. IMG 4826
I am interested to see where this will lead.
I am not sure who is more excited for this class?


Winnie said...

OMG look at him! He is a natural dancer. He might love it so much (have him watch So You Think You Can Dance) that he might not feel jazz or even ballet is only for girls. Did you watch Breaking Pointe on the CW? It is a bit old for the kids but the dancers are fine on the eyes and all m-a-n.

Please let me know when/where he will be performing so I can have a front row seat.


Homeschool said...

Wahoo! I love to see our little dance crew. I am so excited for Tristan to have a dance buddy and friend. It is all so great and I am excited too. YAY!

julie said...

that is Awesome!! I remember him breakdancing in your kitchen so well : )

Helena said...

I loved this! What an awesome video—you can see they're totally, totally into it. The freestyling rocked! How fun.

And how cool that they could hang with all those big dudes, and were incorporated into the choreography—ah, your post made me smile THIS big!