Saturday, September 15, 2012

All the randoms

Every now and then I get a bunch of random photos that pile up. They each have their own story to tell, and I just can't let them sit untold, and unseen in iPhoto limbo land.
So I share them here.
Like this one of Kaya trying on a some boobies and a butt. IMG 5482
How can I not share this preciousness?
Or of my sweet friend, Cath, sharing funny stories of growing up in Australia, by her lake. IMG 5485
Or of these three wacky boys having their own adventures in the lake. IMG 5488
and of Kaya learning about the art of stamp carving from our talented and wildly creative friend, Steph.IMG 5501
Or of this!
This is how slugs mate.
It's pretty neat. IMG 5571
It's like a ying yang of sluggy goodness.
This one is of the awesomeness that is Claire. IMG 5575
She held her first ever adoption event.
Both of her rescued dogs found their new homes!
Or this one, of my littlest boy, who loves to catch snakes. IMG 5642
 It makes him come alive.
None of these pictures could fill a post by themselves, but they are all deep wells of my memories. Memories that I cherish for one reason or another.
This platform serves as extra RAM for my brain, locking on to all the bits that I never want to forget. IMG 5565
Life is fleeting, precious.
One day my life will look so different...
These moments caught in time is what makes my life mine.
and I love my life.


Jessica said...

I love this post! I love that you can look at these pictures and read your words and feel the love that your family shares for one another.

Homeschool said...

You are so cute with all of your randomness. There is love spilling out of you everywhere. I loved your post and how you capture quintessential moments and memories.

Shel said...

Love this post! And that pic of Ev with the snake made me remember my mom telling me that they have a snake that looks like that living in their basement. If ya'll wanna head over and search around and remove it (if it hasn't left already) I bet she'd be forever grateful! :)

Heart Rockin Mama said...

I love you guys :)

Heart Rockin Mama said...

I love you guys :)

mamak said...

Thanks everybody, and to Jean who loves us so much, she said it twice! Have your Mom contact me if she sees the little darling sliding around down there, and I will send them over!

jenny said...

Oh yeah, I love it! And the boys love the pic of the snails mating.