Friday, August 3, 2012

Meeting Batso

Ever heard or have seen the show Rescue ink?
If you have, you would definitely recognize Batso. IMG 4306
We discovered recently that he lives in a town about 20ish minutes from here. We happened to be eating fro-yo at a park in that town while listening to a free concert. IMG 4303
And there he was. IMG 4305
So I marched up to him and told him how we loved his show, and what he did, and asked if the kids could grab some pictures with him. IMG 4307
It was awkward at first. But with in five minutes he opened up and told us all about his fascinating life. He is writing a book. Which he should, because he has got some stories to share! Marlin made this mock magazine cover on an app she has. IMG 4287


Jessica said...

I am so glad he took the time to interact with the kids and share his message of follow your passion, learn all you can and make the right choices. That was a great night. One of those perfect summer nights we will look back on during our first blizzard.......

mamak said...

Thanks for the reminder.. That was a while ago, and I had forgotten just what he told the kids. He was a nice guy. I am glad that the opportunity presented itself that night.
I can deal and even be nostalgic for fall, but I would rather skip the blizzard!