Friday, August 24, 2012

Lake Wintergreen

We finally made it to Lake Wintergreen in Hamden, CT. It is part of West Rock Ridge State Park. We had just enough time to do a micro trip. Which is just a really fancy way to say that we just wanted to scope it out, and poke around for a half hour! IMG 5190
We did a super quick trail walk, and explored around the banks of the lake. We spied a few cool things like a really dark colored sunfish, which they tried to sneak up and catch unsuccessfully. IMG 5191
 I think the best thing we saw was a beautiful golden orb weaver spider. IMG 5189
Evren snagged Kaya a Chinese Mystery Snail for his fish tank. ( image taken from google images, not mine!)

 It is an invasive species here in CT, so it's perfectly cool to kidnap it out of it's unnatural environment in my book!
 It turned out to be a cool little trip. I think micro trips are great. They let you just pop in and see what's going on, with out the pressure of putting aside a bunch of time and planing to go there "one day".
Which sometimes, and sadly quite often, never happen.
I know about those ever elusive "one days".


Karen said...

That Golden Orb spider picture is incredible! I love all your pictures! I always love seeing your pictures on Instagram!

Rosemarie said...

Hey, next time you can do a "micro trip" to our house too!

mamak said...

Thanks Karen! instagram is so much fun!
Rose, let's go somewhere cool! Not that your house isn't but I love exploring places. Have you ever been to Newgate prison??