Thursday, August 16, 2012

In love with the Barn

The barn!
 It's so alive right now. IMG 4963
 I was so into it when we first moved here, then the kids kind of weren't that into it. So I downsized and kept it basic.
IMG 5013
However, there is now a quite a revival going on.
IMG 5014
Kaya has become a chicken man of sorts. He is trying to start an egg selling business, and wants to raise Rhode Island Red chickens.
We have had a chicken hatch out 6 beautiful chicks this past week. IMG 4953 IMG 4959 IMG 4976 IMG 4978
One egg hatched in Evren's hands. He was so in love and excited. I am kicking myself for not having my camera with me!
It was so amazing to see.
We have also rescued a Momma pygmy goat and her two 3 month old baby goat boys. They were going to be sent off to auction, which means a high likelihood of being slaughtered. IMG 4979 IMG 4981 IMG 5015
They are extremely adorable.IMG 5012 IMG 5009 IMG 5008 IMG 4980
 Marlin is now interested in doing something with the goats, which probably means a new batch of babies in the spring.
IMG 5011
Anyway, our barn is just full of life right now. IMG 5016
 We are loving it!
  IMG 5010
Well, most of us anyway...


julie said...

awesome! I love your barn!!

Jessica said...

I do too! I wish I could spend more time there. I love that the kids are more involved right now. Having baby animals will do that! Enjoy them (both your kids and your furry ones!)

Homeschool said...

OK...we are coming to visit!! I wouldn't leave the house...they are so cute and I can't believe a chick hatched in Ev's hands. That would have been the cutest youtube EVER. It is very exciting to hear of all of these projects.

Shel said...

Be sure to have Ev let my mom know that he's starting an egg selling business! I am sure she'd be happy to be a regular customer!

And we surely need to be visiting soon! :)