Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ice Cream place #5

IMG 4813
Rich's Dairy Farm, Oxford, CT. IMG 4812
So we hit up Rich's Dairy Farm, finally.
I say that because we have lived here for 5 years, it's a few towns over, and we have never ventured there before.
I have heard good things about it. IMG 4814
So let's see how it fared: IMG 4807
I hit up the rum raisin, I am trying to compare all of these places using that flavor if available.
The portions here were gigantic. IMG 4808
It gets less points for that.
I mean they were stupid big.
I am not a fan of super sizes.
  IMG 4806
The rum raisin had a lot of raisins, but it was weak on the rum flavor. I like that particular flavor to be the opposite actually. But it was super creamy and the waffle cones were great. IMG 4809
Also, they lose points because they had a big yellow jackets nest in the wall above a bench that wasn't dealt with. IMG 4810
The bees were annoying, scary ( I am not a yellow jacket fan) and I am pretty sure kids will get stung in September when they are super aggressive. That's just my own personal fear though… Another thing that bugged me was that there were no bathrooms. At least have portapotties for the kids who are desperate. There is no where nearby to take kids to pee. Also, this was weird, but they won't take hundred dollar bills! So if that is all you have, like one family in our party, no ice cream for you! Luckily they were with our group so we pulled it off. Lastly, even though they had a ton of flavors, the place lacked charm. I mean it would have been cool to see the cows at least. It wasn't bad, just so-so. I think it would be so much better to get a cone or a cup in their smallest size, which is still huge, and take it to go the Southford falls State Park for a hike and eat.
Anyway, since we had friends drive up a long way for this tour, we decided to play some mini golf! IMG 4811
We were going to go for a nice walk to see the falls at Southford State park, but the weather was iffy. Mini golf turned out to be a lot of fun. The moms chatted on the shaded porch, and the Dad's and kids had a fun game. For whatever reason the place had a red caboose in the parking lot. IMG 4820
I think they should convert it and sell shakes and smoothies out of it.
 At least that's what I would do.
So even though Rich's dairy didn't do it for me, it did turn out to be a great day with friends!


Rosemarie said...

I know those places. They are right around the corner from my sister.
Glad you had fun mini-golfing.

Jessica said...

I have been a bit let down by some local places lately.....I did not think the ice cream here was as good as it was last year. No way near as good as Newton.......But fun was had by all so that is good!