Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ice Cream Place #2

Buttonwood Farm. 
Griswold, CT
Ok, I liked this place much better than ice cream place #1.
Many more flavors, Great tasting.
The only thing that Arethusa had Buttonwood beat hands down was that Arethusa uses no artificial colors. This place had them by the gallons! But we still really liked it.
We showed up on a Sunday early evening.
 Definitely would not recommend that.
There was easily 100 + in front of us. IMG 4483
They had 6 windows open, but we still stood there for 40 mins.
But it was worth it.
I had rum raisin, and coffee peanut butter cup, both awesome.
 Addy had peach, and sunflower seed. The peach was pretty good, not too sweet, but the sunflower was really, really, good.
Kaya had cotton candy and butterfinger. He loved it.
Evren had peppermint stick, and purple cow, never took his face out of his cone.
And Marlin had butterfinger, and cherry vanilla. She said it was the best cherry vanilla she has ever had..
They have tractor rides that go around their huge sunflower farm. We did not do that though. They had a cute teeny cow train for the littles as well.
 We just came to fatten up... IMG 4482


Jessica said...

Wish it was closer.........

Homeschool said...

That line is something else. Wow! The ice cream must be out of this world. Crazy Yum!