Saturday, August 25, 2012

BIG year!

I believe this year is going to be quite huge for us.
In so many ways.
We are taking part in a few truly great projects. I am most excited for Evren this year as he is finally old enough to participate in so much. I remember what last year did for Kaya and it really left me with my jaw open, and my heart singing.
We will be participating in Destination Imagination again. This made us so busy, but was worth it on so many levels that we are happy to do it all again. I have no idea what challenge they will pick this year, so it will be exciting to witness the birth and completion of 100% kid driven creativity and perseverance. I am thrilled that Ev will be a part this year.
Marlin is going to audition for the Penny Lane Players, a local, 100% homeschooled, amazing, Shakespeare theatre production group. This year it will be,  "A Midsummer Nights Dream".  Kaya will be doing some tech work, and I think Ev will find something to do, props? He loves our friend Cath who will be in charge of that dept, so I am pretty sure he can fold in and feel included.
The one I am most over the moon excited for, and am counting down the weeks until it begins, is the Huckleberry Hill Project. It really embraces passion based learning. This big kind of project based learning is what works for us. We become alive and vibrant, pushing ourselves, each other, stretching and growing, and big things are happening and it is so wonderful that I can't put it all into words just what kind of beautiful magic unfolds and makes you stop and look around while your eyes blur with happy OMG! look at all of this crazy good crap that we are actually doing tears. It really changes you, and instills so much good mojo and confidence and good productive exhaustion that it is literally soul cleansing. Unless you walk that journey with your kids, you may have no idea what I mean, but I can tell you that if you have, you would understand every word of that psychobabble sentence that just shot out of my brain. Anyway, I have not visited the farm that will be hosting us. But Jess has, and so has Cath (Marlin has since changed her project so disregard what it says in this post).
Just look at it!
 I can't begin to describe how awesome this will be for this particular group of people. Kaya will be launching his sustainable, local, backyard chicken and egg project. Marlin is launching Cookies For a Cause which will feature organic seasonal flavored dog biscuits to be sold to raise money for shelter dogs in need. Evren will probably primarily focus on participating in the documentary making project on Type 2 Diabetes.
Lastly, in the spring we will participate in the dig. It will have a Mayan focus this year as it is 2012. But maybe if the prophecy holds true, then maybe we won't....
How big is this year?


Winnie said...

So Big! I am sooo happy to be on this journey with you all. Even though we are not doing PLP, I can't wait for every update, every set design, every rehearsal to share it with you.

I think we are going to have to intentionally pause and reflect on what is happening to our children as they grow up a little bit right before our eyes. We don't want to miss a single thing!


Lucky Tails said...

YAY! And it is so amazing that we are all doing this together. I love that we are making firm fast friends as we do all of this great stuff.

It's just so good. All of it.

Chills! Jess would say!


Karen said...

This is the reason everyone should homeschool. For beautiful, wonderful projects and plans like this. LOVE it!!

julie said...

Awesome Kim!!! I am so excited for you guys!

Lori said...

really exited for you — what a beautiful space to host a project group! :D