Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Art Show for Marlin

Marlin goes to a really cool and FREE art class at the Library in the next town over. The Library hosted an open art show where the kids could display their art to the public. IMG 4019
A few good friends decided to come by and give Marlin an audience. IMG 4037 IMG 4038
I think it was so great that the library did this, IMG 4024
 and made the kids feel as good as the other local artist that the library often hosts on these very same walls.
  IMG 4017
I think she felt pretty good that day.


Jessica said...

The art that the kids produced was pretty amazing! It was so inspired and just now, from looking again at those amazing pieces, I am inspired. I am going to use something of hers as inspiration for my Thursday art journaling class (her owl). It is perfect and the kids will love it!

Thanks for inviting us to share in her night.

Claire Fraise said...

Congratulations, Marlin! Your art work is beautiful. What a great thing to do!

Lisa said...

That is so cool! Sounds like a great library. And Marlin is just too adorable!!!!!! Seeing our kids feel so good about themselves is priceless!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful program. Congrats on your art show, Marlin!