Friday, August 31, 2012

A quick jaunt

 We had relatives visiting NYC all the way from Turkey. So we wanted to stop in and have dinner with them. We headed in early so we could explore a bit. We missed our first train, so we had an hour to kill before the next came. We walked around in downtown Milford, and found a bakery. So we noshed the entire hour away. IMG 5264
Not too bad… IMG 5265
After we arrived in the city, we decided to walk a bit in Central park. We did not get to see too much. This park is huge and it will be a few trips in before we can say we have seen it. This time we decided to check out the water conservatory. IMG 5287
 It had these motorized sail boats that you can rent and cruise around.
So we did. IMG 5289 IMG 5303
Our relatives happened to be in that area at the same time as us, so Addy stayed and chatted, while I sailed with my boys. IMG 5302
I wish I was fluent in Turkish. It would be really awesome to have a conversation with Addy's family. I would even accept really cool technology to make this possible. I wish I lived way in the future and could have a chip implanted in my brain, so I could be totally fluent in Turkish. That would be so great. And a teeny bit scary.
 But more awesome than scary, you know?
Then we happened upon a bronze statue of Alice in Wonderland. IMG 5288
 We finally made it to dinner which was so yummy and all Turkish. I did not grab many photos as there were photos being taken all around me. I will post one here later. Dinner was long and all in Turkish, so it was hard for the kids to sit there and "be good", but they were! IMG 5304
 So I wanted to take them somewhere cool for dessert. IMG 5336
Well, we were really close to an epic candy store.
 So off to Dylan's we went. IMG 5334 IMG 5338
 I am pretty sure they were thrilled. IMG 5335
Finally, after filling their bags, IMG 5337
we headed home. IMG 5341
 It was another pretty great day.
 Life is GOOD!


Shel said...

What an awesome adventure! I have never been to Central Park but it does look like a place that I would love! And Dylan's Candy Bar looks amazing! So glad that you all were able to meet up with your family. What a treat!

Helena said...

I love how you write, Kim. It makes me smile because just like me there are lots of wandering what-if-y thoughts and imaginings and delight at the small things! Coming here feels like I'm having a conversation with a dear friend, and that makes me happy, always :)

Your day looked awesome and tiring and beautiful and connected all at once! Thanks so much for sharing it.

Andrea said...

Dylans Candy Bar, our number one destination priority for NYC! Makes me want to go back. We never did make it to Central Park! Your adventure looks great.