Sunday, July 1, 2012

A while back

While my Brother and family were here we had my Grandmother's funeral.
She had a lovely funeral.
We laughed , we cried, we remembered her. Securedownload
I miss her.
Kaya is a pretty sensitive guy.
He drew Great Grandma a picture, Securedownload 2
 and wanted it buried with her.
  Securedownload 1
She would have treasured that drawing. She adored her grand babies. Securedownload 1
After her service, we had a lunch in her honor, and then went back to her house so the kids could explore their Great Grandmother's house, IMG 3459 IMG 3357 IMG 3458 IMG 3379 IMG 3377 IMG 3375 IMG 3376 IMG 3371 IMG 3362 IMG 3349
 and to pick special treasures to always remember her. IMG 3378
The day before here funeral, my Mother found this note among some papers. In my Grandmothers  final year, there was quite a bit of dementia involved, and we had wondered if she really knew what she wanted to have happen when we said our final good byes. IMG 3372
It was good to see such clarity in her letter.
 I could picture her smiling as we wandered through her house picking things that we loved.
I could clearly hear her saying her infamous words… "What do you need, Kim?"

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Shel said...

Oh Kim,. what a most gorgeous post. It has me all choked up and reflecting on when my Grandma passes (many moons ago now). My love and peace be with you always but especially during this time of grief. (((hugs)))