Sunday, July 29, 2012

Museum trip

The Cloisters, NY, NY. IMG 4590 IMG 4591 IMG 4592 IMG 4593 IMG 4594 IMG 4595 IMG 4596 IMG 4597 IMG 4598


Winnie said...

When I see pictures of my kids on your blog I can't believe how big they look. This was a fabulous day. Just perfect. We should pick another museum and do it again soon! AND we need to make our CT bucket list. I have never been to the Lockwood Matthews Museum in Norwalk - you? And I still want to do the Sound Nature Cruise out of much to do! So glad I am able to do it with you!

Homeschool said...

I am definitely gate crashing next time! What fantastic photos! Just like this awesome leftover pasta...Thanks Addie...the olives are sooo yum!