Friday, July 6, 2012

Ice cream place #1

I would really like to do an ice cream tour this summer. To places in towns that we never really frequent.
Sounds like a good plan, right?
The first place we made it to was Arethusa Farm in lovely Litchfield, CT.
 It was pretty darn good.
 I had the coconut which was just, Meh. It was kind of flat. Addy had rum raisin, which was really, really delish.
Marlin had Butter pecan, which was very good too. IMG 3883
I think that next time, I would have a scoop of each...
Kaya had mint chic chip, which was absolutely perfect as it was so hot and humid. IMG 3882
And Ev, he had the same as Kai.
 I was in love with his creamy, ice cream coated lips. IMG 3881
 He completely understood how much I liked them, and that I wanted to get a photo of them.
But as I kept snapping photos and getting closer to his face, he began to wonder what was really happening here? IMG 3880
And then I think he was really starting to get worried that his adoring Mama was going to actually suck his lips off!IMG 3879
So funny!
 Anyway, we meandered around and found the White Memorial Conservation Center, and checked out their museum.
It was a great little walk through. We were going to head to the mile long marsh board walk because it sounded so great, but a crazy lightning storm creeped up, and so we headed home. Although, the storm was pretty crazy in Litchfield, it was just some undecided clouds, and crazy wind back at our place. IMG 3844
I guess we will just have to go back for a second tasting, and a board walk ramble…


Homeschool said... HAVE to do the board walk. I drag everyone there. It is an awesome spot. My fav is the butter pecan. So YUM!

Rosemarie said...

We are up for an ice cream tour as well. There was a great list of homemade places in the CT magazine.

Lisa said...

i am embarrassed to say we frequently do ice cream tours in our area!! we have gelato, sorbet, old fashioned, and gourmet ice cream shops all within a few miles of us. i love that cloud photo!
happy summer