Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gaggle of boys.

Cute, cute boys… IMG 4298 IMG 4299 IMG 4300 IMG 4301 IMG 4302 IMG 4304


verdemama said...

I love these photos. I have all girls and sometimes wonder what would be different/same if they were all boys or some of each. Maybe less ballerina tutus and more, I don't know, hats. But those infectious smiles, those look amazing on anyone's face. What happy boys!

mamak said...

Boys and girls are so very different. I can tell you that they are sticky sweet to their mama, but love zombies and nerf guns, and mine craft as a close second. And they love to talk about farts, butts, and penises. That's about it.

Rosemarie said...

Those boys are pretty cute!

Jessica said...

Those yummy boys.....almost makes me want to have another.....almost.