Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two peas in a pod

How stinking cute are these two? IMG 2645 IMG 2646
You couldn't pair them up any cuter if you tried! IMG 2651 IMG 3138
I love that they can hang for hours and hours.
If you could only hear the sweet giggles that fill the yard.


Winnie said...

Two of my most favorite kiddos!


Homeschool said...

Oh my gosh, so so cute. Can't stand it.
Xo Cath

jenny miller said...

Stop the cuteness! My boys have two guinea pigs, too. What are their names? Ours are Cookie and Po. And I love the frog picture. We have tons of frogs here in our big pond.

mamak said...

Hey Jenny!
Still bummed that we did not get to meet up this trip. That would have been so fun! The piggies names are ming ming and linnie ( wonder pets inspired!)
Do your frogs come way up on your lawn away from the pond? We find ours in the craziest places!

jenny miller said...

Yeah, it was a bummer, but I know we will meet up one day (hopefully sooner than later!) We get some frogs that come up and we also get alot of the spring peppers. Those are the cutest! And we have a snapping turtle that comes up every year to lay her eggs near our garden. One year we even got to see the babies hatch!

mamak said...

Ok, I would love to see cute baby snappers coming out of my garden!