Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Road Trip to TN, Last Day!

And performance day!
Saturday was their big day.
It was game on.
I was nervous for them, hoping everything would go well.  However, they did not seem all that nervous? These kids are so weird.
Anyway, let me back it up. The night before they needed to deliver their props to the storage room, so it would be there waiting for their performance.
 Gwen and Marlin helped to haul it all in. IMG 3180
The next morning the kids attacked and decorated Jess' car. IMG 3190
 Word to the wise, don't decorate your car with "Car Markers"
It took Jess about 5 hours ( literally) worth of scrubbing to get it all off! And there is still some residue, plus some staining! It is fine to decorate the glass with, just not the paint!
But the kids did have so much fun! IMG 3226 IMG 3225 IMG 3227
And then they were off to put on a show!

 They got all their props and waited for the cue to begin.
  IMG 3203
Then they went through it all with out a hitch, IMG 3205 IMG 3206 IMG 3207 IMG 3209
and within in the allowed time frame of 8 minutes! IMG 3216 IMG 3211
They did it!
 I saw the performance before theirs, and it was blatantly obvious that the kids had so much scripting and choreographing from the adults. Their props looked like Fathers or a semi professional carpenter had made them.
It was sad, and wrong, but it made me so proud to know that our kids did this 100% by themselves. The props were made by them, and they had gotten so far with their hard work. Although seeing such polished performances and props made me angry, it also filled me with such pride knowing how hard our kids worked to earn their rightful spot this far from home.
 It brought me to tears.
Happy tears.
 After the performance we decided to check out river tubing.
We needed something lazy and slow.
 I did not bring a camera down the river for obvious reasons so this is all I have of that event: IMG 3218
It was fun!
Marlin apparently swung off a giant rope swing. I was further down the river with Kaya and missed it. That would have been fun to see!
We got the text on the way home with the team's results.
They scored 19 out of 43!
How awesome is that?
Instead of attending the closing ceremonies we chose to pin trade! The boys had a lot of pins they wanted to trade and this was their last chance.
IMG 3221
They wound up scoring some of the pins that they wanted the most.
 It was a good day!
A really good day.

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