Saturday, June 2, 2012

Road Trip to TN, Day 6

This was the morning that the kids had their instant challenge. The score for this, as I found out later, makes up a third of their over all score. There is nothing one can do to prepare for instant challenges. It's pretty much out of the box critical thinking skills, and team work to solve what ever problem is presented, with limited supplies while following specific instructions. The kids are not allowed to tell anyone what they did until the finals were over. They went very early in the morning with their team leader, as this was not an event open to the public. The kids were very sure they did what they were supposed to. Later we found out that apparently they did do pretty well! They scored 88 out of 100! That is a really good score for first time global attendees, and an overall young team. I spent a lot of time thinking how amazing these kids are. I mean in this whole experience. I would have never done this as a kid. I could not perform the three times they did in front of an audience of random strangers. Plus, through all the frustrations of learning to operate as a team, I would have just bagged it for something that was easy, and with much more instant gratification. I am glad my kids are different than me, better than me, and stuck with it through all of the bumpy, not so fun parts. Anyway, after their challenge and a lunch behind them, we headed off to the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN.
 I am a fan of anything Ripley, and this was a pretty cool aquarium! IMG 3090 IMG 3094

IMG 3096 IMG 3097 IMG 3095

IMG 3128 IMG 3123 IMG 3129 IMG 3131 IMG 3130 IMG 3133 IMG 3132 IMG 3135 IMG 3134 IMG 3136 IMG 3137
I had a ton of fun with taking pictures here!
But our day did not end here.
 No sir, we heard some really great things about a Knoxville Crepery. IMG 3174
That's right… CREPES! IMG 3175
Mmmmm, crepes.
 Look at how that eye is rolling in, just like a shark in a feeding frenzy... Guess she picked up that nice move back at the aquarium.
  IMG 3160
Such a good day!

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