Friday, June 8, 2012

Parks and Beaches

Marlin had a park date to celebrate her last year as a Girl Scout. In lieu of other interests, she has decided to let that activity go. Her main activities for next fall, which will eat up so much available time, will be Destination Imagination, and Theatre. In August she will be auditioning for a play. She is beyond excited for this, and has already picked and memorized her poem, which she will be acting out. Anyway, it was such a great day at the park! IMG 2665 IMG 2669 IMG 2672 IMG 2674 IMG 2675
Weather permitting we will head to the beach some nights after Ev's weekly piano lesson. IMG 3274
It's been cold or rainy the last few dates, so we have only attended once!
Come on, New England! Get the memo... IMG 3275
It's JUNE!


Lisa said...

what a beautiful day! Change can be exciting! Good luck with the play!!
Have a great weekend

jenny miller said...

Great outdoor fun! Loving the warm days. Finally!

Shel said...

Love that picture of the girls in the circle! Just gorgeous! And seriously, this weather has been so strange! It barely feels like June!

Homeschool said...

We need to see you. Tristan is having major Kaya withdrawal. ...and I would supply the secret beverages!