Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our garden

IMG 3508
Our caterpillars, IMG 3509
Our bees,
  IMG 3308 IMG 3510
Our carnivores, IMG 3533 IMG 3535 IMG 3536 IMG 3616
Our rooster, IMG 0967
Our flowers, IMG 3451 IMG 3450
Our red dog, P1100012
Our eggs, IMG 0966


Jessica said...

Seriously? Each time I think I have seen the best Instagram photo ever, you completely amaze me yet again. You have a talent for iPhone photography and one of these days, you have to give me a tutorial. I know you just feel it, but you capture the moment in a way that I long to. Love seeing Frog Creek pop up in my feed!

Shel said...

Gorgeous post. Friend! Did you always have bees or are they a new addition?

You and Jess both take such great iPhone photos! Someday when I finally get an iPhone I'll have to get tips for. You girls!