Monday, June 18, 2012

Missing in Action!

We have our cousins, my Brother's Family, visiting us from Hawaii!
We have been quite busy.
We have been having a staycation of sorts right here in our own backyard. It's been so fun and it's only been a week! We are just approaching the second and we haven't slowed down yet. So far we have: Glow sticked in the dark,
IMG 3457 IMG 3542 IMG 3543
and brought back inside a bucketful of toads! IMG 3456
We have aquariumed, IMG 3544 IMG 3455 IMG 3453 IMG 3454 IMG 3419 P1100065
We have been to the zoo, IMG 3541 IMG 3539 IMG 3452 IMG 3446 IMG 3445 P1100270 P1100271
We have been to the Carnival up the street, IMG 3540 IMG 3538 IMG 3520 IMG 3517 IMG 3518 IMG 3516 IMG 3515 IMG 3513 IMG 3514 IMG 3512 IMG 3511 IMG 3506 IMG 3477
We have putted around our own backyard, IMG 3563 IMG 3537 IMG 3534 P1100325 IMG 3507 P1100273 P1100275 P1100276 P1100025 P1100007 P1100001 P1100006 IMG 3374
We have been to see Dinosaurs at New Haven's Arts and Ideas Festival, IMG 3560 IMG 3559 IMG 3561
and we have spent an afternoon celebrating a bunch of special Fathers! IMG 3566 IMG 3567


Homeschool said...

Wow! So great! So much joy! So nice to be with the cousins! YAY!

Shel said...

Great pictures! So many wonderful memories (and so many of them brought back memories of my own growing up)! Enjoy all the wonderful time with your brother and his family!

Jessica said...

Missing for this reason is totally acceptable! Enjoy every minute with your family. You know how to make every hour count!