Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last bits of road trip goodness!

Right here!:
The feeding of hotel strays, IMG 2781 IMG 2780
Downtown Knoxville,
  IMG 3152 IMG 3232 IMG 3173 IMG 3148
The other Mamarazzi, IMG 3217
Beautiful old truck that I gazed upon with love daily, IMG 3200
seedy alley, IMG 3178 IMG 3179
IMG 3199 IMG 3230 IMG 3231 IMG 3241
Things from the long ride home,
  IMG 3235 IMG 3264 IMG 3266 IMG 3267 IMG 3268 IMG 3269 IMG 3272
And like that, it was over.
All the hustle and busy seems like ages and ages ago. IMG 3242
How does that happen?


MamaTea said...

Purely amazing photographs! And I'm sure the hotel strays were quite thankful for you! :)

Shel said...

A great ending to what looks like an absolutely amazing trip! Thanks for taking us along for the ride! :)