Monday, June 25, 2012

final days

We spent our last week with our family. It was a much quieter paced week. It was a good week!
 It was so hard to say goodbye.
 I really, really, wish that we lived closer. Even maybe half a plane ride closer. I think what we should really do is pack it all up and move to Hawaii!
 Then I could hear my nephew tell us that he wants to see us, "Yots, and Yots more times!" IMG 3569 IMG 3574 IMG 3577 IMG 3583
I discovered a great Mochi spot in New Haven. I think this is going to be a fine summer...
IMG 3615 IMG 3617 IMG 3618 IMG 3619 IMG 3620 IMG 3621 IMG 3622 Photo Securedownload
For now, there is always Skype.
And Mochi,.
Mochi might ease the pain...

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Lisa said...

love the fishing photos! it is so hard to say goodbye! thank goodness for skype!!!! have a safe trip home