Monday, May 7, 2012


Ev and I walked in the woods.
  IMG 2258 IMG 2260 IMG 2261 IMG 2262 IMG 2263 IMG 2265 IMG 2267 IMG 2268
It was beautiful,
  IMG 2269
 but mostly because of my boy.
  IMG 2271
Then we came home, and he found a slug! IMG 2275
and we hung out at the barn, and spied on a sitting goose,
  IMG 2276
 he likes it when she hisses…
and he helped me clean up a saddle. IMG 2286
cause it makes him feel like a cowboy.
But I think he is more hooligan like.
Or maybe even a scamp… IMG 0386

something edgier than a cowboy for sure.

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