Thursday, May 31, 2012

Road Trip to TN, Day 5.

This day was a divide and conquer type day. In the early morning Addy, Marlin, and some from the group,
 went horseback riding out in the forest for two hours. Securedownload 3 Securedownload 2
Apparently, Marlin was not so thrilled with her horse, Securedownload 4
 who was a bit fractious.
 The boys had no interest in riding. So after a slow morning in, IMG 3022
 we decided to seek out putt putt, IMG 3028 IMG 3030 IMG 3031 IMG 3027 IMG 3033 IMG 3143 IMG 3144
 and an arcade! IMG 3032 IMG 3034
I think they were pretty happy…
 For our evening entertainment, it was duct tape ball night. IMG 3025 IMG 3026
Marlin was not into it, so I told her to just try it out, IMG 3023
 and check out the other peoples amazing costumes, IMG 3244 IMG 2977 IMG 2982 IMG 2991 IMG 2996 IMG 3001
 but still, she had made up her mind. IMG 3145
I think it was better suited toward the teen crowd. IMG 3243
  IMG 3024
  IMG 2995
 was a dancing machine!
We stayed for a bit, pin traded ( of course!), IMG 3016
and then headed back for a good night's sleep!
 Hop on over to here, to see more amazing pictures of the ball!

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Shel said...

I love that Ev's fish pillow is in one of the pictures! That thing totally cracks me up! :)