Monday, May 21, 2012

Road Trip to TN- Day 1.

We headed out early in the morning, IMG 2690
 so we could spend a little time in Philadelphia, PA. IMG 2691
 We have never been there, and I have long wanted to check out the Mutter Museum. IMG 2685
It's so full of crazy, bizarre, gross, and fascinating stuff. I was not able to take photos because there were signs every where telling me not to.
But you know what? IMG 2692
There wasn't a sign in the ladies room…
Next, we headed out to try out a local cheese steak. I know there is war between Pat's and Geno's, but the reviews were horrid! So we hit up some other spot, Phillip's I think? The reviews on Yelp were better, but it wasn't good at all in our opinion. I have had so much better in diners in CT.
I didn't snap a photo because I was disappointed and stuff.
Anyway, we drove on for hours and hours and we finally stopped somewhere near Roanoke, VA. We app'ed up a decent hotel with an indoor pool, cause that is where it's at. IMG 2704 IMG 2705
And I packed like the diva road trip super star I have become. IMG 2694
You just need the right equipment to pull it off, and stay sane.
And Ev brought along a Gigantic Bass to sleep with!
Guess what he calls it? IMG 2702


Rosemarie said...

Have a great week and I hope all things go well with the tournament.

Jessica said...

Yeah!!! Greg and I just read this and chuckled. I love the Bass-turd! See you in a few hours!!!

Shel said...

Love the pic in the bathroom! :) Have a great time!