Tuesday, May 1, 2012


IMG 1979
The kids have been busting their butts raising funds to pay for their Destination Imagination global finals trip to Knoxville, Tennessee.
They canvassed a few towns,
  IMG 1946
 popped in to local shops,
  IMG 1948
 and asked for donations for a silent auction which was to be held at a local Earth Day event. IMG 1949
The kids were so awesome, so not shy. They strolled into stores with happy smiles, and told the Merchants about their team, what they did, where they were going, and why they needed the money. IMG 1951
I learned one great thing through this experience. The world may be a wreck in many ways, but people, just ordinary people on the street, are good, kind, loving and generous. Sure there were a few (2) who would not really give our kids a chance, but the others really wanted to help our kids. They donated beautiful things, and gift certificates from their businesses to be used in the silent auction. Such great people.
 The kids also made a beautiful basket of felted soaps to be auctioned off. IMG 2086
 It was breathtakingly gorgeous. I wish I had a picture of them all.
Needless to say, they sold!
Finally, all of the baskets and gift cards were collected, and we waited for the big day to arrive.
 Earth Day finally came and they were on! IMG 2178
 They were there all day Saturday, running their silent auction table, IMG 2179 IMG 2180
and doing two performance of their play in front of a live audience. IMG 2181 Securedownload
Although there was a microphone (or lack there of) issue, they did really well. IMG 2183 IMG 2186
They must have impressed some one as they were invited to host Children's games at another event that will occur at the end of summer.
They are so excited about that.
The day ended, and they were so successful.
Everything sold!
IMG 2188 IMG 2189
$1,462.00 successful.
They rocked it.
 They always do.
And yet again, I amazed by the power of children. IMG 2079
Hop on over to Jess' for more pictures, and her take!


Jessica said...

You got some great pictures! Love the cupcakes......
What are we going to do when TN is over and suddenly we have all this time on our hands......

Lisa said...

Wow!!!!!!! So inspiring!! I love the cupcakes, too! And that lego box! I am always amazed at what my kids do and how compassionate they are. It is wonderful to hear about all the people who gave. The world is still full of hope!
Have a great week

jenny miller said...


mamak said...

With my kids and all their new interests, I am sure it will fill. Quickly!
The world is still very much a wonderful place!
Yes, way F-ing amazing!

Chris said...

I've been following your journey on Jess's blog, and I'm amazed at what an incredible experience your children are getting! So many kids are required to do projects that don't translate well into skills they will use when they are older. This experience is so different. Besides having so much fun, they are learning so many truly valuable things.