Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Friends, beach, and a birthday!

It seems like we have been at the beach a lot lately!
 Our friends got a plot at a sand castle building event, IMG 2608
 and we stopped by to hang out.
We checked out all of the cool sand sculptures: IMG 2612 IMG 2614 IMG 2615 IMG 2616
Some ate ice cream,
  IMG 2619 IMG 2622
there was some burying,
  IMG 2627 IMG 2630
and some rinsing off as well,
  IMG 2634 IMG 2636 IMG 2638
You just can't seem to have that bad of a time at the beach. After we headed on over to celebrate a certain Daddy!
  IMG 2640
We hope he has a fantastic year,
  IMG 2641
because he is the best!


Jessica said...

Awesome pictures! You got better ones than I did! I don't have many of the kids all together. I slacked off and focused mostly on the castle building......I am going to have to go back and link to you.

MamaTea said...

Looks like a ton of sunny fun. I wish we could go to the beach...we've got to wait a month or so! :)

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday to A!
I would love to see a sandcastle competition!

Shel said...

Awesome pics! You and Jess seem to have the best adventures together! Wish we lived near you girls! :) Happy birthday to Addy!