Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dyslexication, Day 5.

Kaya's final day of the program!
He did 30 hours!
But, he was not able to finish the program.
This is very hard for him, and he is till trying to get a hold on a handful of mixed up letters. But he improved so much, and he has improved his confidence ten fold. He bought himself a notebook, and has been writing in it just because he wants to.
 He is awesome!
 He scored a new back pack from his facilitator, Karen. IMG 2555
 It is filled with our instructions, a dictionary to look up the meanings of the words he will master. His kush balls, and lots of clay to make his letters and words. IMG 2558
He is proud of his stuff.
 He has been modeling his trigger words, and then writing them down, IMG 2560
 and then finding them on a page of a book or magazine. We have both learned how he gets so overwhelmed by so much visual stimuli of many words on a page. IMG 2562
Also, the constantly changing fonts are an issue. With time he will get used to seeing those a's and g's look different in different books.
We will use a new technique of covering the letters, and revealing them slowly as he gets them, so he does not get overwhelmed anymore. IMG 2566
 When he becomes a more solid reader, and his triggers are resolved this can be stopped. For words that he gets repeatedly stuck on, he will make a clay model of the word, learn it's exact meaning, and write the letters in clay. In this picture he made up his own creature, assigned a name, and what the name means. IMG 2564
It was cool for me to see the process. He also did one for the word puppy. He made a puppy, looked up the definition, made the clay letters for puppy. He then visualized the words and the model together. He closed his eyes, and could easily spell the word puppy, then she asked him to spell it backwards, and he quickly did. Then he got up and wrote the word puppy with out looking at it. It was pretty outstanding stuff. Once we work on nailing his trigger letters, and work with our new reading technique, we will go back for 2-3 days and finish out the program.
 It was such a fantastic week for us. We are a great team and I am pretty sure we are going to be making a lot of progress over the next year. I can't wait to see where we are next summer!
After we finished our Dyslexia stuff, we hit the local ice cream shop, IMG 2568
and high tailed it to Plum Island. We wanted to hit a beach before making the trip home. We noticed a wildlife refuge museum on the way into the beach. so like good homeschoolers we stopped in to check it out.
  IMG 2572
 It was a lot of the same stuff we were familiar with, IMG 2573
 but it's always fun to poke around. IMG 2574
You never know where that next cool thing is going to be found.
 We finally made it to the beach and had a great time checking it all out. IMG 2575 IMG 2577 IMG 2579 IMG 2585 IMG 2588 IMG 2589 IMG 2591 IMG 2592 IMG 2598 IMG 2600 IMG 2602 IMG 2603 IMG 2604
It turned out to be a great way to say good bye to a pretty special Dyslexication.
Onward, and upward…


julie said...

Kaya will be great! He has you as a mom to help him : )

jenny miller said...

Congrats to Kaya on all his hard work! It's sounds like a great program. Good times together :)