Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dyslexication, Day 4.

Kaya had a great day today!
Those pesky letters he has trouble with are starting to make sense. He still has some work to do to nail those letters, but when I walked in today, he was writing, and smiling. IMG 2514
I love that he wrote pee, and poop. He also wrote the word fart.
He was unstoppable! I was so happy for him. IMG 2512
 She was so happy for him,
  IMG 2510
Kaya was so happy for himself.
  IMG 2513
 It was so good to see him enjoying sounding out words and writing. Writing has been a scary, unpleasant task before that he would only do if I wrote the word down and he could copy it.
Here he was, just a spelling, writing fool.
And look!
  IMG 2518
 He wrote, Mom and Dad, with little hearts above our names. I have two hearts above my name...
That is the first time he ever wrote our names.
 Big things.
His big things.
 Addy came up to stay with us!
  IMG 2519
I am going tomorrow with Kaya to spend 7 hours with him learning how to help him learn how to decode better. Addy, Marlin, and Ev will probably check out a new beach.
 So now that we were a complete unit again, we :
walked into town and hit up dinner out, IMG 2526
Kaya found a store with his name! IMG 2522
 On our walk back home we found a park with a lake, and it had these baby ducklings, IMG 2552
 and it was very nice to be out walking there. IMG 2541 IMG 2543 IMG 2547
And it was a nice ending to a day of big things.


Jessica said...

Crying right now. Oh, I am such a proud mama to a boy who may not be mine, but I love him like he is.........Kaya, you are amazing!

mamak said...

Thank you Jess! He is very happy!

julie said...

way to go Kaya!!

Ingi Mc said...

So lovely :-) Thank you for sharing!