Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dyslexication , Day 3.

Kaya has had a shift. He now understands how his brain works, and he is able to realize when he is getting mixed up. Before he used to just get super frustrated and mad, and just put up a wall. Now, he closes his little eyes, takes a few deep breathes, and slows his mind down so he can visualize the letters he is stuck on. This is big for him. He doesn't seem to get frustrated so quickly, and has become very forgiving of himself. These are the base tools he needs to perservere. It has become very apparent on how slow we need to go. He is still having issues with the letters U, J, L, I. It amazes me that his brain can not hold on to these letters with out so much repetition and work on his part. Today Karen, the woman working with him, will see how he does with lowercase. I know he has an issue with lowercase h, and u. He gets  i and j confused, damn dots. Karen believes lowercase won't present as difficult as capitals has. I am not so sure… It is weird that he can read lots of little words, and sentences, but if his trigger letters are present, it will screw him up so quickly. He can sound things out very well, and do everything he is supposed to, but until he can remember the names of the letters that mess him up, he has a very difficult time assigning the correct sound at the right place.
So frustrating.
Once he nails these damn few letters, I feel like we will jump so many levels. Anyway, that is where we are at. He is working so hard every day, and after that one teary night, he has steeled himself for battle. I know, with his postive attitude, he will do amazing things.
So, it's still pretty rainy around here.

IMG 2426
 We are doing our best to find fun things to do.
We still went to the beach, and found many treasures: IMG 2428
Can I tell you how much they love this umbrella?
IMG 2400 IMG 2414 IMG 2417 IMG 2419 IMG 2418 IMG 2421 IMG 2422 IMG 2423 IMG 2431
We even saw some surfers in action, IMG 2411
 Then we hit up the town,
  IMG 2436 IMG 2437
And found more hats!
  IMG 2439
And an awesome stock pile of turds,

IMG 2440
Evren even found a book that he really, really wanted to get. IMG 2443
 He thought it was simply the best concept, ever.
We wandered around aimlessly and found a ballet school with viewing windows. IMG 2449
We left downtown, and checked out a really old graveyard. IMG 2458
I love old graveyards.
I am so glad my kids let me wander, and drag them around.
Bonus feature of the day…
  IMG 2461
 Spiraly, swirly, snails!
 And it all makes for a pretty decent drizzly day.
The weather forecast says all this gray, rainy, blah will clear away this afternoon.
We'll see….

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