Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dyslexication, day 2.

Today was a crappy, rainy, gloomy day. Kaya had a hard day working on his stuff. He tends to get headaches, and shut down when he concentrates too much. Somehow his specialist kept him going. He is working very, very hard. He is making great progress, but it is slow progress. He is climbing his Everest, and I am extremely proud of him. He shed a few tears today. I know this is all so hard and confusing for him. He has needed a few pep talks. He really takes them to heart and tries hard to muster up the strength to get back in the ring the next day.
 He is an amazing boy.
 Anyway, after he was done, we decided to check out an outlet mall to treat ourselves to something special, and to just check it out, and get out of the house. I thought this place was in New Hampshire, but it turns out it was just over the border in Maine. It was only a 20 min drive. "Look, guys! We are now in New Hampshire… and now we are in Maine!"
It was funnyish.  Here are some pictures:
Eating Boston Cream pie, IMG 2357
Playing some games at Kaya's lunch break, IMG 2362
 Scenes from the outlet shopping experience, IMG 2395 IMG 2368 IMG 2370 IMG 2381 IMG 2397 IMG 2398
And because we were in Maine, we had to find a Moose, and a bear. IMG 2396
And then somehow we started in on the hats… IMG 2394 IMG 2388 IMG 2393
If you want to have a really good time, find the hats.

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Jessica said...

Did you pick one for next year's Derby Party? I love love love the expressions Ev has been throwing out lately.

Please tell Kaya that I cannot wait for him to tell me about this experience. Things that are hard are the things worth working for.