Monday, May 7, 2012

Dyslexication Day 1

 It turns out that Kaya has Dyslexia. I was not at all surprised by the news, as I had been suspecting something like this for while. Dyslexia is sneaky in the fact that many Dyslexics have amazing memories, and when they appear to be reading they are actually memorizing massive amounts of information accurately.  Dyslexia is also not all about seeing things backwards, as we are led to believe. There are so many ways that this disorder presents, there are numerous sub types..
 It's tricky.
 But the good news is that he has begun an intensive week with a specialist, and he is working it out. I will be trained on how to assist him as well.
IMG 2307
Exciting for us both! Anyway, this twist in the road has actually led us to a beautiful place, and we are enjoying ourselves.
 It's an adventure.
 Everything always is.
 The kids and I are staying in a very beautiful bed and breakfast that was built in 1747. IMG 2297 IMG 2303 IMG 2304
We are loving it.
 We are also digging the town and that it has nice beaches. So that is where we went on Kaya's lunch break, and right after he got done with his day.
 It was a nice day,
  IMG 2324
they headed straight for the water and got soaked! IMG 2347 Thankfully, they are able to change in the car. After they warmed up, they collected shells and sea glass.
IMG 2346
They were really hungry, so back home we trekked… IMG 2345
But we feel like we are on vacation, and because we are here due to Dyslexia… IMG 2344
This trip has been dubbed a Dyslexication.
Well, it works.


Jessica said...

You are an amazing woman and mother. You turn everything into a wonderful life experience. So lucky to be your friend. I have been thinking of Kaya all day. Glad you are blogging on the road. I am so proud of him!

Shel said...

I whole heartedly concur with what Jess said! Can't wait to hear more about this amzing adventure you are on!

Heart Rockin Mama said...


Rosemarie said...

SO great you are all doing well and enjoying all of this. Have a great week.

Helena said...

Oh, oh, OH. I love this post so much. Your positivity. Your gorgeous photos. Your kids! And that extraordinary word, "Dyslexication." Just. So. Cool. I hope you hugged yourself after writing this, Kim. Because this is that beautiful. :)