Friday, April 13, 2012


Marlin, starring as a star belly sneetch, in Dr. Seuss', "The Sneetches"! IMG 2057 IMG 2064 IMG 2066 IMG 2068 IMG 2071 IMG 2074
The play went very well, and was really lovely.
The cast ranged from kids aged 6- 12 years old. Which was great! There were a few lost line moments, but all recovered well and the show went on. All the kids were super patient with each other and they all looked so proud of themselves, and that is what it all about.
I finally visited Marlin in her "Little House " class. They were building log cabins out of frosting and pretzels.
 She did not get very far, as she did what I would do.. She just ate, chatted, and giggled…
  IMG 2077
and so went another pretty good day!

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Stephanie said...

Food, friends, and laughter is quite the splendid combination!

And "How fun!" for the play!