Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pinewood Derby Car

In the boy's co op class, Modes of Transportation, they built pinewood derby cars.
This was a fun project!
 They sanded their blocks of wood, and then designed a shape and had it cut out to their specs, IMG 1622 IMG 1623 IMG 1626
 and even got to were safety gear!
  IMG 1628
Next, they painted and decorated their cars. IMG 1629 IMG 1834
Then added the wheels and axles. IMG 1942
 The teacher made a wicked cool race ramp, and they could not have been happier! IMG 1943
They raced and raced, and raced, IMG 1941
 and were a bunch of loud, happy, excited children.. They decided on doing the spring session at the co op and picked rocket building, and cooperative games. It should be very fun!
 Marlin has her play this week, the "The Sneetches".  I am excited to see it, as I never got to sit in on her class. I am very excited to be surprised!
As for her and the spring session of co op, she didn't see any classes listed that got her interest, so she'll sit this one out.
 I will try and take photos and video of her play to share soon!


Winnie said...

Oh! Please video her play!!!
I LOVE classes like this. It is something that would never happen in our house. Coop has given my kids introductions to all kinds of coolness. I will have to ask them to show me their cars next time I am there!

jenny miller said...

That sounds like such a fun class! I'll have to bring that one up as an class idea in our co-op. And the play sounds fun, too.

Stephanie said...

Very cool!
This is the same kind of thing I want to do for our Kids Club.
Adventuring and Making. :)