Monday, April 30, 2012

Lovely smatterings

of days spent well.

Celebrating a boy! IMG 2144

Catching spring frogs! IMG 2148 IMG 2149

 Blowing glow in the dark bubbles! IMG 2153

Dinner with Friends! IMG 2155

Creating the thing in the bowl! IMG 2169

 Kaya and I in the Bathroom Mirror! IMG 2176


Helena said...

Lovely days! (Not so lovely, the thing in the bowl).

One day, imagine, wouldn't it be lovely if WE were the ones having dinner with you? Or YOU were the ones having dinner, in Australia, with us? Now that would be pretty beautiful (and I promise not to startle you with any Things In Bowls, should you come visit).

I love your photos. Love your days! :)

mamak said...

I promise you this, if we ever go to Oz, which we would love to one day. It would be you and yours who I would visit for a few days with first! And then maybe we would just live with you for forever and ever!

Helena said...

Aw, now I'm smiling THIS big :)

Jessica said...

You can't live there forever and ever.....maybe in the off season so you could have your summer year round!

The thing in the bowl is quite creepy.

jenny miller said...

Good times! We're looking forward to making glow-in-the-dark bubbles soon. Still waiting on our frogs.