Friday, April 6, 2012

Life portraits

These are my favorite kind of posts. I get to go through my pictures and grab the random ones, the best ones, that are just us doing what we do. Seeing the images captured during the days of just living an average day, is in my world, proof of living a fine life. There I find the good things, friends, adventure, togetherness, nature, animals, and it all makes for happiness.
Isn't that the true goal of living?
 Marlin's art: IMG 1852
My Ninjas:
IMG 1839
Friendly art:
  IMG 1820
 cooking with Ev:
  IMG 1805
shopping with Marlin:
  IMG 1695
Giant Ugg?
  IMG 1692
 On to yellow belts!:
IMG 1689
River walks: IMG 1686
  IMG 1683IMG 1682
  IMG 1673IMG 1668
  IMG 1664
 Attack geese! Yes, my attacking geese make for a happy life, in a Kim happy sort of way...: IMG 1657

IMG 1632
 Cool find:
  IMG 1621
 Big guy:
  IMG 1608
  IMG 1607
 Ev's owl art:
  IMG 1300
 Seeing closer:
  IMG 1365
 Tech time:
  IMG 1376
 Being happy is everything.
 Go and get some happy!


Andrea said...

Giant Ugg? Cool snake, and many great pictures. I like the geese. Do they hang with the chickens? If I get ducks, can I keep them with the chickens? You are a wealth of animal knowledge, and I know you won't hold back the REAL truth!

mamak said...

Geese are just down right nasty and mean to the chickens and everything. But they are the reason, I think, that we have not been raided by foxes! I was going to eat the two mean ones, but I think the have redeemed themselves. I had muscovy ducks that got along pretty well with the chickens, and they did live in the coop with them. Sometimes they would bite the chickens butt feathers to get at some food, but nothing worse. I think you could totally get some ducks. If you don't have a pond, research which ducks would be happy with that, and which ones won't fly away. You could also put a kiddy pool in the pen for them to bathe around. They love that! I liked ducks. Geese, not so much!

jenny miller said...

Yeah, my hubby wasn't to keen on my idea to get geese. Ducks, not so much of a problem. We did have a lone Muscovy fly in to live here a couple of years ago. The boys and I are probably going to get a few ducks from a friend who just hatched out some. We have a pond, but if a pond isn't available you can always use a kiddie pool, too. How many chickens do you all have? We have about 30 (lost a few to a bobcat). We have Speckled Sussex, Ameraucana and Welsummer, plus a few bantams. Love all the pictures!

Stephanie said...