Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Letter from Mexico

The other week we received our first handwritten letter from Andrea.
(with translation)
  IMG 1828
 Marlin, especially, was so excited to read and re-read every sentence that she wrote. IMG 1825
Andrea is just a sweet kid who loves her family, tamarind ice cream, being with her friends, singing, and playing with dolls. She asked us all sorts of questions about our family, our weather, what our favorite food was.
  IMG 1827
Marlin wrote her back, and is looking forward to the next letter. IMG 2171
I am not sure who is more excited, she or I.....


Shel said...

I can't wait too! How long did it take to get the first response? Thanks so much for sharing this super cool experience with all of us!

mamak said...

It took about 6 weeks from the first information packet. So total of about 8 weeks. Now we are sending a response back to Mexico. I will keep track from the date of mailing till a return. I am guessing about 6 weeks. So, we' ll see!